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Systems Development Life Cycle was introduced in the 60s as program to get applied by the software engineering in developing applications. The software development process was done in such a way that the application delivered failed to provide and meet the defined requirements. At the same time Cheap Air Max 2017 Shoes , it was realized that the projects developed were not finished within the defined period, and it was not according to the budget. Therefore, applications developed failed, and only a few projects were successful. The Systems Development Life Cycle defined the model of outlined steps that software engineers take to adhere while developing applications. Systems Development Life Cycle model can be implemented in a different process. I choose to define the two simple process of the SDLC; the 7 step SDLC model process and the 12 step SDLC model process.
7 step SDLC model
A seven step Systems Development Life Cycle model is regarded as the old process defined by developing process and thus referred to as the traditional SDLC model. The process is outlined in seven steps where the software engineers must follow them systematically (Shah, 2008).
In the planning phase the problem underlying the organization is defined so that an appropriate solution is described as well. A feasibility study is undertaken within the phase and also the development of the project plan is also done. The project plan describes the scope, schedules and the budget.
The development team undertakes a research through collecting information from the stakeholders, the executives and the end users to determine the requirements of the application. The requirements define the functionalities of the by in reflection to the underlying problem. The requirements are documented to provide the guideline on how to design and develop the application (Dennis, Wixom & Tegarden, 2009).
The project developers study the requirements of the project and develop the technical architecture of the project. The design includes the provision of the blueprint of the application, the UML diagrams, the use cases and other relative descriptive diagrams. The output summarizes the operations of the systems and the functionalities of the system.
Development step describes the acquisition of the application either by outsourcing from the third party or developing from scratch. The programmers, database designers, and network engineers have the task of coding for the system. The activities of this phase rely on the documentation provided from the design stage. Therefore, the actual system gets developed in this period.

The developed application is delivered to the Quality Assurance professional who examines the application through undertaking several tests. The tests are undertaken to check the application meeting the international standards, the requirements and functionalities defined. The tests undertaken include the unit testing, acceptance testing, system testing, integration testing and operational testing.
The implementation phase defines the deployment of the application within the company. The required installations are undertaken. The combination of the application gets to apply either of the process, parallel operations, pilot operations, plunged operations and phased operations. Training is also undertaken to make sure that the end users have a good understanding of the procedures that should apply while using the application.
The deployed application gets monitored to ensure that it delivers the services at all times and accordingly. At the same the technical support is delivered to the end users so as to make sure that the application remains operations and meets the expectations of the users. Changes to the application are performed during this phase.
12 step SDLC model
The twelve step Systems Development Life Cycle model is the longest process of the model as it involves the developers through 12 steps. The steps of this model are the splitting of the seven steps into simple steps to make sure that task to be undertaken is well defined (Kumar, Zadgaonkar & Shukla, 2013). The model process steps are;
Feasibility study
The phase defines the determination of the power of the organization to support the development of the project and the impact of the project to meeting the business goals.
The development of the actions, the budget, and the scope of the project are outline within the phase. It is a very critical between in project development.
System analysis
The phase gets the development team in defining and determining the requirements for the project. This enables in defining the functionalities of the application.
The phase describes the development of the technical architecture (prototype) of the software under development.
The development phase gets the software engineers to determine the acquisition of the application. They define whether to outsource or develop from scratch. The scratch development will get the programmers, database designers and the network engineer within the business to code of the application.
The phase involves the checking the system operations so that it can be verified if it meets the defined requirements and functionalities. It confirmed by the quality assurance professionals that get to provide the recommendation of the system implementation (Jorgensen, 2013).
The tested and conformed well functioning application gets deployed within the business. The process involves the installation of the required hardware, software and communication devices to get integration of the system in the company.
The use of the ap

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