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Posted by refineinteractive on October 20th Joe Thornton Canada Jersey , 2014

At Refine Interactive, we can add that extra dimension to your marketing strategy. We are a full service creative digital agency with expertise in digital and mobility solutions in Singapore.A few of the services offered at Refine are discussed in detail below.

Refine Interactive is a leading mobile app development agency in Singapore. We employ the latest in technology like the latest version of jQuery to deliver high class hybrid apps. We take great care while designing the UI as it is the face of the mobile apps process. And at the same time we ensure that the functionality isn’t lost in the quest for beauty. During the mobile development stage, the apps are created keeping in mind that the UI and UX are simple and elegant and are not at all cumbersome or complicated.

Mobile apps are programs designed to satisfy specific sets of functions on smart phones. Mobile apps allow users to experience the core essence of a brand. And inversely they open a gateway for the business to interact with the users.

Web design is Refine’s bread and butter. It is imperative for a business to have a website to give an overview about itself. But in today’s day and age, a static web design with text and pictures just doesn’t cut it anymore. The web design has to be more dynamic. And with smart devices getting more affordable Tyler Seguin Canada Jersey , the probability of a website of being viewed in a variety of screens is increasing. To ensure a pleasurable UX for the viewer with minimal scrolling, panning and resizing, web design has to become responsive. At Refine, we ensure that our responsive web designs offer the best UX out there.

Refine Interactive is also a leading ecommerce web design in singapore offering state of the art web design services. We cater to all industries in Singapore. All our web designs are customized as per the requirements and specifications of the clients and according to the nature of the business. Our web designs are crafted with care to ensure that they are a true reflection of a brand.

Digital marketing is marketing done through electronic devices such as PCs Brad Marchand Canada Jersey , tablets and mobile devices. It relies heavily on the Internet since it predominantly uses technologies like e-mail marketing and social media marketing in singapore . In the current “Digital Age”, it should come as no surprise that marketing has also developed a digital dimension. In fact, to be truly comprehensive, a marketing strategy has to have a solid digital aspect.

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Home and Small Office Networking Guide Computers Articles | July 13 Jake Muzzin Canada Jersey , 2009

With the plethora of desktop and mobile devices in your home or office connectivity between everything and to the Internet is vital for maximum productivity and entertainment.? This guide walks through the various standards, the devices that support flexible connectivity options and how you can use them for maximum benefit.

So what is a network?

A network supports the interconnection of many devices and a protocol for ensuring they can communicate with one another in the most effective way.? The best way to understand how networks work is to visualise each element of the network as a layer, one on top of another.? The conceptual model that describes this layered model is known as the OSI Reference Model, which has seven layers.? All Network professionals use this in their day to day design and engineering work.

For our purposes we can simplify it into three layers Brent Burns Canada Jersey , going from the bottom up there is:

1.???? The Physical layer ? the cable between machines (typically called 100BaseT, uses four pairs), the card in the back of your machine (802.3 Ethernet NIC) or Wireless Networking adapter (802.11n etc) etc.

2.???? Data Link, Network and Transport Layers ? Responsible for managing the addressing Braden Holtby Canada Jersey , routing and packaging of data around the network.? Includes the Internet protocol (TCPIP), gaming and file transfer based protocols (such as UDP), and VPN networking from home to your office (PPTP or IPSec)

3.???? And the Session, Presentation and Application Layers ? file sharing and database access in the office (NetBIOS Corey Crawford Canada Jersey , Named Pipes, NFS), Internet browsing (HTTP, DNS) Martin St. Louis Canada Jersey , eMail (MIME, SMTP, POP3) and securing Internet banking or shopping (SSLTLS)

Breaking it out into layers like this helps us understand when we buy software or hardware which layer(s) it works at and therefore what it can provide for us.? Is it providing connectivity, access to another Wide Area Network (WAN Claude Giroux Canada Jersey , i.e. for the Internet), security or access to my own Local Area Network (LAN, i.e. for access to a printer).? It?s extremely useful when diagnosing problems with networks.

Network Addressing

In order to send a letter to your friend in the next town, or a country on the other side of the world the postal system requires an address which hones down through the address layers from country to house number to narrow down exactly where your friend lives and which post box the postman should drop the letter in.? Digital Networks work in a similar way only rather than moving mail around they move digital data packets.

MAC addresses - The Media Access Control address identifies a single piece of hardware on the physical network and is a scheme with a long number designed to be globally unique.? It?s set in the hardware at the point of manufacture.? An example of a MAC address is 1A-2F-1D-9C-7A-3C (Layer 2).

IP address ? The Internet Protocol address uniquely identifies all network interfaces that are typically endpoints on the Internet John Tavares Canada Jersey , or your o. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Hats Wholesale T-Shirts Wholesale NBA T-Shirts Wholesale T-Shirts Wholesale NHL Hoodie Wholesale Nike NFL Hats Wholesale MLB Shirts Cheap Nike NBA T-Shirts Wholesale NHL Hoodies

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